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Spring Small Group Checkup

Is it still Spring?  It feels like Summer to me.  Only in SC does the temperature fluctuate from 50 to 90 from one day to the next.  Nevertheless, let’s call it Spring and take this opportunity to do a Spring check up on the health of our small groups.  I find this time of year, after the rush of a big outreach weekend and Easter Sunday, to be a great time for going back to the basics of what makes Sunday School work.  As we’ve said before, Sunday School small group life is not complicated.  There are simple principles that lead to health.  If we work constantly on these things, we will grow and thrive with healthy small groups.

check up

To that end, here is a small group check up for you to consider.  I am available to meet with classes/teachers that are struggling in any of these areas and help them develop a plan to improve.  There is no shame is understanding that we can get better in certain areas.  I’m here to help, and I want you to feel free to call on me anytime.

Sunday School that W.O.R.K.S. will reflect these values:

Wants to grow

Organized to serve

Reaches out to new people

Keeps people connected

Studies God’s Word together

  • Does your class exhibit a genuine desire to grow and reach out?   Is there a sense of purpose and excitement?
  • Does your class have a plan for service?  Have you participated in group service projects?
  • Is your class struggling to reach new people?
  • Is your class struggling to keep people connected?  Are you losing people who “fall through the cracks?”  Have you been scheduling regular fellowships?
  • Are you struggling in the area of quality Bible study time?  Are you experiencing problems with curriculum?  Do you feel like you are growing as a teacher, or is it a struggle to prepare and deliver the lesson each week?  Are your group members growing as disciples; can you see growth in their life?
  • How does being a part of your group bless the people who come each week?
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