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A new tool for guests


As you know, we believe that becoming connected to a small group Sunday School class is essential to 2 primary things. The first is that being connected in small group bible study is essential to fitting the New Testament pattern for discipleship. Discipleship without small group connection is impossible. Second, there is no better way for new people to become connected to the life of the church than to get connected to a small group. We have seen over and over that new people who go to worship and never join a small group eventually fall away from a vibrant faith life.

With this in mind, I believe that we need a better publication tool to assist people in finding a small group that fits them.

I would like to publish a small group directory that includes teacher name, contact information for the group (phone, email, and social media), room location, and a 3 sentence paragraph written by each group describing themselves.

Organizing groups by age or department is increasingly problematic for adults. Preschool and children must be arraigned by age and grade, but we need to provide new adults with a more creative and useful tool for choosing a group. This directory will be available online and in print at the church.

I would like to ask each group to provide the information highlighted above to Clint or myself by the first teacher training meeting in March. The goal would be to have such a directory available before our big outreach weekend at the end of March.

Group descriptions should sound welcoming and inviting. Describe your group in broad general terms, but let people know what the makeup and personality of your group is. Keep the gospel central to your identity. (This is a great group exercise for remembering our purpose!) Is your group mostly made up of empty nesters, or parents with small children, etc.? If you were new to a church and looking for a small group, what would you want to know about the groups you were considering paying a visit?

Contact me if you have any questions!

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What thinking big looks like.

One of the most exciting concepts regarding growing a group of people is the power that “one person inviting one person” holds.  It creates the potential for exponential growth.  Think about it.

It’s as simple as this; if everyone in your group brought one person next week, the size of your class would double.  If they got excited and the next week everybody brought another person, it would double again.exponential_growth2

Rick Warren suggests that the power of this kind of thinking means that whatever size you think your group has the potential to be, you should add a zero.  I know.  That’s thinking big.

The point of this kind of thinking is not “church growth” or applying a pyramid sales growth scheme to church.  It’s not a scam or quick shallow growth emphasis.  The point is Kingdom growth.  This is how the first church in the book of Acts grew.

We have some exciting plans for the Spring that include a major outreach celebration, and community service emphasis.  You’ll be hearing about it in the coming weeks and at the teacher training meeting tonight.  Please make every effort to attend.  If you as a teacher can’t be there, send someone else from your class.  The more people at these meetings the better.  In fact, I would love it if every class would appoint someone to be at the meetings which occur on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, and let me know who that person is.  I’m referring to someone in addition to the teacher.  It’s that important.

Le’s think in God size terms.  Let’s share that vision with our groups.  Let’s get started tonight.

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