Trunk or Treat Inspiration

Below is a collage of some very creative Trunk or Treat decorations.  As of today we need about 40 more families to sign up to bring cars to the trunk or treat.  Last year a bunch of people signed up the week before and we ended up with a great line up of trunks.  Our goal this year is 60 vehicles and I believe we can make it. We believe that around 2000 people from our church and community participated last year, and we expect this year to be a bigger success because people had a great experience last year.   But we need to have people go ahead and sign up to bring cars so we can know what to expect (and be able to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about this part!).  Please share these images with your groups either during class, or ask them to look at the pics online so we can hopefully get some folks excited about signing up.  Also, hopefully these images will spark some creativity.  This week we will have posters available to place around the community, and will be putting up yard signs and banners.  Remember that you can share the Trunk or Treat Video posted below on Facebook to help promote as well.  Social media played a huge role in last years success.  The more you like and share, the better! Thanks for all of your work in making this event a great success!!



IMG_9226 IMG_9933 IMG_9439 IMG_8860 IMG_8460 IMG_6174 IMG_6460 IMG_6930 IMG_7351 IMG_7897 IMG_5689 IMG_4837 IMG_4808 IMG_4421 IMG_4223 IMG_3538 IMG_3131 IMG_2445 IMG_2187 IMG_2036

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