Information Guide for New Sunday Evening Schedule

Poplar Springs Baptist Church is improving its Sunday evening schedule!  Our church leadership is committed to providing a Sunday evening schedule that is spiritually rich, and family friendly.  We have been evaluating and praying for some time over potential changes that would streamline and improve the Sunday evening experience at Poplar Springs.  Below are some of the highlights, and answers to  important questions.  The new schedule begins October 20.

What is changing about Sunday evening church service?  The Sunday evening worship service will now begin at 6:00 instead of 7:00.  All adults will finish up their Discipleship University course at 5:45 and be able to walk straight into the sanctuary at 6:00 for worship.  The service will include worship, prayer time, and a great message from God’s Word as it always has.  The main difference will be that everything on campus will end at 6:45, so that people will be able to get home earlier.  This will be a blessing to families with children, as well as seniors who don’t like to drive home at night any later than necessary.

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What’s changing about discipleship training?  Discipleship training will now be known as Discipleship University.  We will still be offering short term courses that range in topic from parenting, evangelism, apologetics, or Bible doctrines and more.  The change is not only in name, but start time as well.  Parents, no more dropping your children off at 5:00 for choir and having to come back, or wait until 6:00 for discipleship training.  Discipleship University will begin at 5:00 just like the children’s activities.

What will change for my child?  Nothing at all. Children’s Choir will still meet at 5:00, with a healthy snack provided before they move into KidConnect at 6:00 to study God’s Word. Children who are not in choir will have an activity planned for them at 5:00. The main benefit for children is that when they finish KidConnect at 6:45, parents will be out of the evening worship experience and everyone will be done for the night.  Sunday night is a school night, and we want to make sure that our Sunday night schedule is a blessing for families who need to start their week off right with plenty of rest.

What about my preschool age child?  Preschool Choir/Discipleship Training will meet at 5:00.  We are adding an activity time for preschoolers at 6:00.  Parents wishing to volunteer to help with the 6:00 activity are welcome.  Preschool children can be dropped off at Preschool Choir at 5:00 and go to their chosen Discipleship University course.  The activity leaders will gather the children from Preschool Choir 6:00, so parents can go straight from their classroom into the sanctuary for worship at 6:00.

What about my teenager?  Discipleship University for students will meet at 5:00.  This time of in depth study for the teens will end at 5:45 so they can join their parents for the worship service at 6:00

What about Special Events?  On nights when there are special events such as Children’s Choir performances or when we celebrate The Lord’s Supper, regularly scheduled children and preschool activities will be canceled so that all families can be together in the worship service at 6:00.  Discipleship University will meet on its regular schedule at 5:00.  This will be the case on October 20 as we celebrate The Lord’s Supper. The new Discipleship University courses will begin at 5:00, but there will be no KidConnect activity or Preschool Choir at 6:00 so we can all be together in the sanctuary for The Lord’s Supper.

What about meetings that have traditionally been held at 5:00?  Meetings such as support groups and committees will still occur at 5:00.  These meetings happen infrequently and involve small groups of people.  Of course, groups are free to meet earlier but infrequent meetings can happen at 5:00 without any problem.

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