Organized to Serve

Here’s a great idea for getting organized with class mission projects.

Sunday School Mission Project Form

The link above is to a form that one of our Sunday School groups uses to organize their mission project calendar.  I thought it was great, and wanted to share it with you.  Feel free to adapt it and use it if it helps.

One of the marks of a church that is making disciples, is ministry in the community.  A fascinating thing happens when people begin to wake up spiritually to the reality of what God has called them to do, and be, in life.  They find purpose.

When you look with the eyes of Christ at the world around you, things jump out to your attention that need to be done.  “That widow needs her yard mowed.”  “There is a family who needs groceries this week.” “A ministry down the street needs volunteers to help organize the food pantry.”

People who are growing disciples even start to think about outrageous displays of love and grace.  “It’s going to be cold in a few months, wouldn’t it be great if we could donate coats to some local schools for needy children?”  “With school starting, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to donate completed school supply lists to the families in our community who are struggling the most?”

Jesus inspires good works in those who have faith in Him.  But how are we supposed to accomplish the good works He inspires?  Our job as the church is to work together to accomplish the work of Christ in this world.   The church is God’s plan, His vehicle, to accomplish His will around us.

Naturally, service of this sort should flow out of Sunday School groups.  Sunday School is the church, organized to serve.

In addition, our vision is also a discipleship strategy.  Worshiping God, Strengthening Families, Changing Lives.  People come to worship, then take the next step of getting their family connected to this family of faith in Sunday School.   Sunday School builds community in the church, and in community, we serve. People’s lives are changed through ministry and missions.  Ultimately, new people who have been reached get engaged and begin the process all over for themselves; worshiping, connecting, serving.

We are the body of Christ.  We are his hands and feet.  We are his eyes and heart.  Jesus told us that the wold would know that we were His followers by the way we love.  So let’s love…loud.

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