Quick User Review of Mystudybible.com

The following is a quick review of my experience using mystudybible.com to prepare a bible study lesson.

The primary difference between my experience and yours is that I was preparing a Bible study from scratch using only a Bible text and you will be using a written curriculum as well as the Bible text.  The review will still be meaningful to you I think, because you no doubt seek to use additional study tools when reviewing your lesson curriculum and preparing to teach.

First things first, The main tabs you will need to familiarize yourself with are the tabs at the top and the drop down tabs on the right hand side of the page.  The most useful tab at the top is the “Library” tab.  There really is an impressive amount of information there in terms of Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, and video series.  All by Broadman & Holeman of course, produced by Lifeway.  That’s fine with me because they are excellent.  Mystudybible.com is produced by Lifeway, so naturally they showcase their resources and you can easily make purchases from the site if you want a hard copy resource at home.

The central pane of the website is where you will do your reading, and is organized by tabs as well when you open different resources.  It’s pretty user friendly.  The Bible texts are well presented, and if you hover your cursor over underlined words there is excellent word study research available.mybiblestudy

Here are some highlights:

Most Helpful Tabs:

The top Library tab: use the Bibles and commentaries.  I found them convenient and resourceful.

The Bible Study Notes tab on the right hand side of the screen:  These tabs provided pretty good contextual insight, referring to other texts in the scriptures.  Under the HCSB Study Bible heading, click on “Read”.  This provides good study guide notes on the text.  The other study guides are for sale and not for use on the site, but the HCSB Study Bible is very insightful.

The Pronunciation Tab:  This was good for me as I was teaching an old testament text with some hard to pronounce names.

The Video Player Tool tab:  There was a 6 minute video on my passage that totally influenced my insight into the text.

Least Helpful Tabs: 

The Topical Concordance tab:  This seems to be designed to show you resources you can purchase, not readily use on the site.

The Commentary tab:  Use the Library tab on the top bar for commentaries.  This tab on the right hand side seems designed to sell you commentaries rather than provide immediately accessible information.

There are certain features that are available only if you “sign in”, and I would recommend spending some time on the site before you sign in, so you can know if you feel you will use it frequently enough to warrant keeping up with another username and password.

You can use the Options tab to personalize the site if you like it enough.

All in all I found the site to be useful enough that I will refer to it in the future when preparing lessons.  I hope this quick review has been helpful and might save you some time in exploring this resource.

Again, thank you for all that you do, and if I can ever serve you, please let me know.



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