Sunday School and Mothers Day

There are certain days that we in church leadership know will be significant in the life of the church.  Christmas and Easter are probably the ones that we think of first, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rank highly as well.  There are several reasons that this is true.  We are a church that has identified “Strengthening Families” as a primary value, and so it stands to reason that a day to honor mothers is a big day.  Family is God’s idea and design.  Family is God’s first plan for producing and growing disciples.  God’s Word calls us specifically to honor our parents.  So with all this in mind, what are some keys to making sure that we make the most of this special day in Sunday School?

mothers day

Here are 4 thoughts about Sunday School and Mother’s Day.

1.  Always point to Jesus. Of course we are going to honor moms on Mother’s Day.  But it is under the authority and command of Jesus that we do so.  When we honor mothers for their faithfulness, we honor God who gave them to us.  When Mothers are faithful to care for us and provide in all the wonderful ways they do, they honor God who is the ultimate care giver and provider.  Faithful motherhood is a powerful display of the redeeming love of our Savior who picks us up, forgives all our failings, and gives us a fresh start every morning.  Along with fatherhood, motherhood stands as one of the most significant platforms in our culture from which the love of Christ can be shown in all its glory.

2. Contact everyone this week.  Everybody knows that mom wants you to go to church with her on Mother’s Day.  For some that will be here at PSBC.  For others that may mean going somewhere else for worship.  Contact your people this week and let them know that if mom isn’t at PSBC that they are welcome to have her join them as an honored guest in Sunday School.  Consider creating a moment in Sunday School for people to share about their moms and let people know ahead of time so they can be prepared.  Big Sundays provide a great opportunity just to check in with everyone.  Make the most of it.

3. Be sensitive.  There will be some in your classes who have lost their Mothers, and for them this is a difficult day.  There will also be those who have lost children, and for whom Mothers Day is especially painful.  And we should not forget that there are women in our congregation who desire to be Mothers but for whatever reason have not been able to have that joy yet.  You know your classes better than anyone, and you know the unique situations in people’s lives.  Be purposeful in your words and be considerate.  Perhaps even a specific contact would be appropriate and meaningful for some.  God is not far from the brokenhearted, and the gospel speaks to all of our deepest longings.  To be reunited.  To be restored.  To be rescued.  To be needed.  Preach the hope of Jesus on Mother’s Day.

4. Be early and be prepared.  It’s a special day, and you as a teacher are a big part of our success as a church on Mother’s Day.  Pray up.  Make your contacts.  Set your care groups loose to reach out.  Prayerfully prepare for your remarks and sharing time.  Be there early and be ready to make the most of what God brings us on this Sunday.  I will be praying for you all, and I look forward to serving with you.

I am always available if you need me.  Remember that we do have a leadership/teacher meeting THIS Wednesday (the 8th).  Have a great week!

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