Reasons small groups lose heart

Reminder that our next Wednesday night Sunday School leadership meeting will be May 8th.  The next meeting will be on May 22nd.  We will pick back up with our regular meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month in June.

The following is a section of a great article by Rick Howerton about why sometimes small group members lose heart.  There are some good points here and I hope you find it insightful.

Small groups can easily lose heart. A group can be meeting but have no passion for being together. This can be avoided by knowing what causes a group to end up in the place of deadness. There are at least eight reasons that a small group can lose heart.
1. The small group leader doesn’t have a passion for the people she is leading.
2. The group has been together too long.
3. There is unresolved conflict between group members.
4. The group seldom connects to play together, enjoy meals together, etc between group meetings.
5. The group is self-centered and therefore isn’t missional.
6. If the truth were known, the group has no expectations that Jesus is going to do something beyond comprehension in and/or through them.
7. The senior pastor seldom mentions the importance of group life to the congregation.
8. Stories of life transformation through groups are seldom told in weekend worship services.
Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you Sunday!
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