Signs of Life in a Small Group

Quick reminders:

I look forward to seeing you this week at our Wednesday night leadership meeting.

Don’t forget to encourage your class this week to be inviting FRIENDS who don’t have a church family to Sunday School and Worship next Sunday.  We had a great day last Sunday with people inviting family members who aren’t connected at a church!

Recently I read a great article by Rick Howerton about “signs of life” in small groups.  There were several that I thought were very good, and I’d like to share the list with you.

Take a moment and look at each of these characteristics of a group that has “come alive”.signs of life

Small group meetings come alive when…

The leader has been praying for her/his small group members throughout the week.

Group members have been in conversation between meetings.

Every group member has been spending time with God daily between meetings.

The group cries out to God expecting Him to do something.

Everyone is more concerned about everyone else than they are themselves.

The goal of the Bible study time is to find out what God is saying.

The outcome of the Bible study time is a commitment to thinking differently or doing differently.

The group leader models authenticity.

Group members are honest enough to ask others in the group to help them carry the burdens of life.

The group takes the time to celebrate significant life experiences with a group member.

Which of these characteristics are true of your group?  Which is an area in which you need to improve?

One of the most striking things about this list is how each of these important signs of life can be directly addressed and influenced by the group leader.

Do you need to address or reinforce any of these characteristics next Sunday?

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