Keeping People Connected

If your class did the index card thing last week, I would love it if you would share with me.  I want to be able to pray with you and those seeking to reach out to new people before Easter.

This week I want to suggest one simple way to “close the back door” to your class, or do a better job Keeping People Connected.

Your class has a Care Group structure that may be more efficient than what I am suggesting, but it may be that something different could be a helpful addition to what your care groups already do.  My suggestion is simple.  Divide your class into groups of 5 (couples or individuals).  Give out index cards to each person that have their names and the names  of the four other people in the group you created for them.  Don’t put a lot of thought into what 5 people are in the groups.  It will actually  be better if the 5 don’t know each other very well.  Be sure to include everyone on your roll, even (and especially) if someone hasn’t been in a while.

keeping people connected

For instance, if I were in your class you would put me in a group with four others.  I would get an index card that had my name and the other four people on it.

Pass the index cards out and ask  people to make one contact off of the card a week for the next four weeks.  The contact could be a card, a phone call, or something more creative if someone feels led.

For one month, or four weeks, everyone on your class role should get a contact every week.  The contact could include a statement to the effect of, “I really am glad you are a part of our small group, and I am praying for you this week!”

Sunday School and worship attendance have been at a high for the past few weeks, and we need to keep the momentum going.  We are prayerfully planning a high attendance emphasis during the month of March, culminating with a huge Easter on March 31.  An effort such as I have described will help us keep people on our rolls connected leading up to Easter and this emphasis.  The theme we are planning involves celebrating the stories of what how God has blessed families through being connected in church.  Don’t hear what I’m not saying…we are not going to have month of patting ourselves on the back for being a great church.  Our desire is to celebrate God’s work in our families through their experience being a part of the church.  More to come on this…

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday night (the 16th) at our leadership meeting!

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