How my daughter almost sabotaged Handel’s Messiah

A came across this post from 2008 and figured I would share it again.  We had been at FBC Thomson about the same amount of time we have now been at PSBC.  Hope it gives you a laugh and a blessing.

Sunday night we hosted the community performance of Handel’s Messiah at our church.  It was a great opportunity for my wife and I to take the kids and let them hear a fantastic choir and some of the players from the Augusta Orchestra.  It was a great performance.   When we came into the sanctuary, partly out of habit and partly out of desire to get the kids the best view, we decided to sit on the second row.

We were very close to the orchestra, and the Cello player in particular.  The kids behaved very well, and seemed to really enjoy the program.  My oldest daughter was particularly interested in the Cello, and the lady who played it so well.


At one point in the program, my daughter leaned forward, and I thought, “Man, she’s really into this.”  She was watching that Cello.  The lady who was playing it was moving the bow across the strings with intense concentration, oblivious to the 6 year old little girl 18 inches away.  I watched the Cellist’s bow move back and forth, and I knew my daughter was watching it too.  I saw her hands move to the top of the pew, fingers twitching as the bow moved in and out of reach.  But I gave her the benefit of the doubt, I trusted her to make the right decision.  I knew she was tempted, but I believed there was no way she would do what I knew she was thinking about doing.

Moments passed, and I became engrossed in the song.  I was looking at the choir when I heard my wife gasp.  I looked down and my sweet little girl had extended her arm and was waiting on the bow to move back into reach so she could grab it.  We were one second away from disaster.   With speed and stealth, I grabbed her arm and moved her a safe distance away from the bow.  The Cellist never noticed a thing.

A few moments later my heart started beating again and a few moments after that I started breathing.  My wife was horrified, and all I could do was shake my head.  I thought she could handle the temptation, but it proved too much for her.   She just looked at me and grinned.

I’m sure when I was a kid I would have done the same thing.  If I’m honest I must say that I was interested in how close the bow was coming to us, but…nah.  Note to self: Next time sit three rows back from the orchestra.

But we all fall to temptation sometimes don’t we.  That bow moving in and out of reach was just too much for a six year old little girl to resist.  We all have things that move in and out of reach in our lives that, were we to reach out and take hold, would prove to be embarrassing and disastrous.  But our Heavenly father is present, and He knows the temptations we face.  1 Corinthians 10:13 assures us that God is faithful (even when we aren’t…time and time again) and He won’t let us be tempted beyond what we can bear.  When we are tempted, God always provides a way out so we can stand up under it.

I pray that we will all determine to look for those ways out, and be strong when temptation arises.  I also pray that we would be smart enough to recognize when we need to position ourselves out of temptation’s reach.

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