My Study Bible

This week you will notice a new link under the “Recommended Resources” on the right hand side of your screen.  There are actually 2 new links.  One is a link about collaborating with other teachers who use Lifeway material.  Lifeway has a new experimental website that allows teachers everywhere who use the same curriculum to share ideas and communicate.  If that’s something that interests you, log on and check it out.

The resource that I would really like to encourage you to check out is called, My Study Bible.  Here are some of the best features:

The Bible

The site offers an online Bible that is really easy to use.  The good news is that it’s HCSB which is an excellent translation, and the one most of your literature uses.  The bad news is that you can’t access other translations on the site as far as I can tell.  I like to read other translations when I am studying.  I find it offers a fuller perspective on the text, but you can still use other sites such as youversion to access other translations.

On the right hand side of the screen on you will also see a number of other tools.

Study Bible Notes Tool

The study Bible notes tool lets you access all the great insights that come with study bibles.  These are insightful and brief comments tailored to each text.  They often discuss the background or cultural setting of a text, pr share insight into the biblical language used.

Word Study Tool

This is a tool that allows you to look deeper into particular words in the scripture, their original language, pronunciation, and translation.

Topical Concordance Tool

This is a tool that allows you to search the bible using topical key words to find texts that are relevant to your message.

Dictionary Tool

This is a really convenient Bible Dictionary which will allow you to dig deeper into the definitions and backgrounds of the words in each text.

Pronunciation Tool

Can’t figure out how that word should be pronounced…maybe hearing it  will help.

Commentary Tool

A collection of some of the best commentaries available.

Footnotes Tool

Alternate words, related scriptures, brief explanations for every time your study Bible has a footnote.

Video Player

Watch a brief devotion or sermon based on the text you are studying for additional insight.

I hope that you find this site as useful and insightful as I do when preparing for your lesson.

A few announcements:

1. We had a huge night at the Trunk or Treat.  Hundreds of invitations were given out to Sunday School and Worship. We will have the new Welcome Center staffed this Sunday and will escort all new guests to appropriate Sunday School small groups.  Keep an eye out for new folks.

2.  Use the rest of this week to call the folks on your role who haven’t been in a while….not because it’s high attendance Sunday and we want big numbers, but because they matter.  You might explain that as well so they don’t feel awkward when they learn that it IS high attendance Sunday.  It’s simply an opportunity for us to celebrate the community of Sunday School.

3.  Call your Care Group leaders and dispatch them to reach out as well.

4.  We will have a Director’s meeting this Sunday at 5:00 in the Conference Room.

5. We will have our next Leadership meeting in the Fellowship Hall next Wednesday, the 7th.

I’m praying for a huge day this Sunday!  Join me in expecting God to do great things!

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