the importance of self evaluation for Sunday School leadership

Self evaluation is important.  It’s not always fun, but it’s important.  I try to read something several times a week, if not everyday, that calls and challenges me to self evaluate.  Obviously the greatest tool for self-evaluation is the Word of God, guided to our heart through the Holy Spirit.  Daily time in the scripture is a powerful thing.  But there are other resources that offer biblical values for self-evaluation that will help us.

We have a tool that will help us do self-evaluation for our overall Sunday School.  It’s the set of values we’ve agreed on which remind us how Sunday School W.O.R.K.S. :

Wants to grow

Organized to serve

Reaches out to new people

Keeps people connected

Study God’s Word together

Consistent evaluation to see if we are strong in each of these areas will lead to great things for our work in God’s Kingdom.  That’s an example of evaluation on a group level.  What about a personal level?

There are also a lot of brilliant and experienced leaders out there who write and share their wisdom for the rest of us to benefit from.

In his book Transforming Your Church with Ministry Teams, E. Stanley Ott tells us to consider these five qualities as vital characteristics for those who serve in church ministry and leadership.

Faith-Do they have a heart for God? Spiritual maturity is not always a quantitative aspect, as much as, it’s a growth issue. They may be new believers or lifelong disciples, but the key issue is their love for the Lord. Do they demonstrate a spirit that is open to God’s leading in their life? People of faith are open to God’s calling and will seriously consider a ministry invitation.

Love-Do they have a heart for people? When we have the same compassion for others as God does for us, we are open to opportunities to serve. We’re not talking “people persons” here-but rather a genuine love and concern for others that motivates us to serve. And since small group leaders serve the people in their group, this quality can be a real reflection of biblical community.

Willingness to Learn-Do they have a teachable spirit? My son hated to practice piano when he was taking lessons. We discovered his true interest was guitar. His interest in guitar made practice sessions more enjoyable due to his willingness to learn. Find people who are open to learning new skills and approaches in ministry because it matches their passion or felt need.

Availability-Do they have the time? We all know that if you want something done, you ask someone who’s already busy. They’ve proven their track record and are usually willing to take on one more project. But that’s also the fastest way to burn out a good servant. Look for people who are not currently serving or even being asked to serve so no one is left out or ignored.

Humility-Do they have a humble spirit? It has been said there is no “I” in team. People with humility understand that the Body of Christ works together in harmony with each person doing their part. No one part is better than the others-they’re all important and necessary to achieve success. Find someone with a humble spirit, and you’ll find a great team player.

These were listed in his book as characteristics to look for when selecting new leaders, but I believe current leaders would benefit from doing a little self-evaluation in regard to these things as well.  I know I did.  I hope this is a positive and encouraging tool that will bless, affirm, and challenge you.

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