when are problems…not really problems?

Take a second and read over these points one more time (unless this is the first time you’re seeing them!)  Any comments or questions about these values?  I want to continue to “test drive” these with our Sunday School leadership so that we can truly have the experience of adopting these together.  Please share any thoughts, positive or negative.

Sunday School that W.O.R.K.S.

Wants to grow

Organized to serve

Reaches out to new people

Keeps people connected

Study God’s Word together

Now, I want to share an article with you about things we in church leadership need to “unlearn”.  It’s kind of a funny idea, to unlearn something, but I see the value in realizing that some of our ideas about the way things work are incorrect.  It’s good to rethink old mindsets sometimes.  In many cases, we may find that ideas are still tried and true, but in others we may find that old mindsets need an upgrade.

Here’s the article, it’s titled to pastors but I think it applies to all church leaders: http://www.churchleaders.com/pastors/pastor-articles/161804-pete_wilson_3_things_every_pastor_should_unlearn_article.html?p=2

The first point in the article was the one I wanted to highlight.  The idea that “problems are bad” is one that, in many cases, prevents us from growth and healthy development.  There is no perfect organization.  We all have problems in the way things currently operate.  Feeling bad about that and looking the other way will lead to a defeated and stagnant organization.  True problems exist, and can be overcome if they are addressed by positive and creative effort.

Over the years in ministry I have become convinced that one of the keys to organizational success is positive and creative problem solving on the part of leadership.  Problems present opportunity to grow and get better, when addressed.  Problems only wreak havoc when left unaddressed.

Example: One of the problems that small group Sunday School ministries tend to have is that people fall through the cracks.  New people come and attend for a while, never really get connected, and we look up 6 months later asking, “what ever happened to that new couple?”

Left unaddressed, a problem like that will add up over the years to dozens of families that have been hurt and felt unloved by a church.  Not to mention a small group that is cliquish and never grows.

Creative solution: (This falls under the Keeps people connected portion of our values)  Designate one person, or a couple, to be the connection police.  (aka Care group coordinator)  Their job is to protect and serve.  Protect people from falling through the cracks, and serve families by making sure everyone gets cared for by the group.  A small group who has designated someone to make sure everyone feels cared for will grow and become a pleasure to be a part of.

Let’s work together to identify problems and approach them with a positive and creative attitude.  Overcoming these problems will only make us better at growing God’s Kingdom!

Remember to come to our next leadership meeting on Wednesday August 1.

Thanks for all you do!

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