Sunday School that W.O.R.K.S leadership meeting recap

A few of you were not able to make it to the teacher meeting this week, and I didn’t want you to miss out on what we discussed.  I know this is summer time and everyone’s schedule is crazy, but if at all possible make our SS teacher meeting a priority to attend.  I really value these face to face opportunities to stay on the same page.  My goal is to offer you something practical and inspirational at every meeting.  No one likes to meet just for the sake of meeting, and I will always strive to make our times together meaningful.

The SS leadership meeting is the vehicle where vision is transferred from leaders to other leaders. We are building on a leadership development culture.  All great small group leaders need time and places where they meet with other leaders to pray, dream, dialogue and train together.

One of the things I want us to do together is develop a culture of great communication and vision.  Perhaps the most important way to do that is to share the same vocabulary.  It’s important for us to agree on the essentials of great small group Sunday School and then remind each other of these things…all the time.  This is a team project, it’s not something I believe can be dictated from the church office.  It will be most effective and meaningful if our team works it out together.  Here is an idea we discussed last Wednesday.  It’s called “Sunday School that W.O.R.K.S.”  My thoughts are to use this framework to discuss and reinforce our small group values.  I think it covers the essentials in a memorable way.  What are your thoughts about the “W.O.R.K.S.” idea below?

Sunday School that W.O.R.K.S.

Wants to grow

Organized to serve

Reaches out to new people

Keeps people connected

Study God’s Word together

We also watched this video and discussed it.


“Invited to Belong”

                -Big idea: connecting in a small group is the place where people really start to feel like they “belong” in church life, and is the “next step” from worship attendance.  Be on the lookout for people to invite.

IMPORTANT POINT: the worship service is NOT the mission field of SS classes.  It is a place where some people will explore God and His church first, and that means we should be on the lookout for guests we can connect with and invite to belong.  But the mission field for small group life is not on this campus, its everywhere else: neighborhoods, workplaces, playgroups, golf courses…

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or on facebook at

Thanks, and I will look forward to seeing you at our next Sunday School leader meeting on August 1. These meetings are in the fellowship hall at PSBC and are open to all SS leaders, and those who might be interested in SS leadership.


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