the most important part of the lesson: preparation

As a Bible study teacher, one of the most important things that can add to the quality of your lessons is a tried and true method of preparation.  In my experience, the quality of any lesson I teach is directly related to the quality of my preparation.  I can usually boil the quality of my preparation down to 2 things: time and good resources.  Unfortunately, there are no apps for your smartphone that add more time to your week.  I wish there were!  Finding adequate time to prepare for my lesson usually requires that I get up a little earlier for a few days.  You might find time better by staying up later, or carving out prep time during the day somewhere.  Whatever your method, taking time to meditate on the lesson material is key to teaching well.

The second factor that makes for good lesson preparation is having access to good resources.  The good news is that all of our Sunday School curriculum comes with excellent teacher resources, and the teacher lesson book usually has more information than you could possibly communicate in the time frame of a Sunday School class.   The publisher of our bible study literature, Lifeway, has a vigorous and thorough format for their writers who contribute lessons.  When a lesson gets printed in your material, it has been researched and edited to give you quality resources to lead your class.  There are also great resources that you can use outside of your lesson book.  Your lesson material will always include the scripture text, but I would be remiss to not say that spending prayerful time on the text of the lesson in your Bible is essential.  God  through His Holy Spirit will speak to your heart and give you insight as you prepare.  I have also listed some good resource links on the right side bar of this web page.

Take a minute and read this very helpful article on the most important questions to ask about a bible text when preparing to teach on it.

The link to your right called “Bible Book Overviews” will lead you to some of the best resources I have found to help answer these questions.

Remember that we have a teacher meeting this Wednesday night at 7.

I look forward to seeing you there!  Always remember to call me if I can be of service to you.  Thanks for all you do!


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