Sunday School is not…

In one of my conversations about Sunday School yesterday, I had a thought that I want to expand on a little.  Sunday School is not just another organization of the church.  Sunday School is the church, organized to accomplish many of the major biblical purposes that God has laid out for his people to engage in.  Through the organization of small groups we call Sunday School, we engage in Fellowship, Service, Discipleship, Care Giving, and more.  By “Care Giving”, I am basically referring to the action of ministering to one another.  We tend to think of  “ministry” sometimes as what we do outside the fellowship of the church, but “missions” is probably a better way to think of that specific type of service intended as outreach.  Missions is supported in many critical ways through the organization of Sunday School as well, by the way.

In the worship service, we experience the “community” of the church in that we worship together, and hear the Word of God proclaimed in preaching.  Those are critical  parts of God’s plan for us as a fellowship of believers which are not directly a part of Sunday School.  The teaching of the Bible that happens in Sunday School is different from the “proclamation” that happens in the worship service.  Neither part of our experience as the church takes priority over the other, both are essential to spiritual health.  That is why both the worship service and the Sunday School are necessary puzzle pieces in the life of a Christian.

As Sunday School leaders however, we must understand that what we accomplish through our service is a major part of God’s plan for the church.  It’s where deep, meaningful, spiritual community happens.  It’s where needs are recognized and sincere service to people originates.  It’s where Bible teaching meets real life, and disciples grow.  It’s where our plan for taking care of one another gets put into action.  It’s where our shared priority of missional living gets prayed over and reinforced.

Sunday School is not just another organization of the church.  It IS THE CHURCH organized to grow and do God’s work.

THANK YOU for doing your part in keeping us organized and effective!

Remember, we will not have a teacher’s meeting this Wednesday due to the holiday, enjoy the time with your family.  We will have your visitor forms in your boxes so that you can do your follow up.

Have you ever thought about how much of God’s plan for the church gets accomplished through the organization of  Sunday School?  Do you think that we ever sell the value of Sunday School short in any way?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.

Happy 4th of July!


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