A new place to connect and communicate

I wanted to create a place online for you and I to communicate and share resources.  My goal is to update this site at least once early every week so that you can have a new tip or tool for your teaching effort.  I will also share announcements and write brief notes that will keep us focused on the same goals.  If you have access to the internet, it will be beneficial to check this site weekly when its convenient.  You might consider it a part of your lesson preparation.

Notice the tag line at the top of the page: “Small things done with great love make a big difference.”  I really believe that this is a key to effective Sunday School.  There are no small details.  Sunday School is our church’s effort to build christian community among our people.  A phone contact, a welcoming smile, assistance to find an open seat, a note to say you were missed…all of these are small things that when done with love communicate to a person that they are valued.  Sometimes feeling valued by us will be the first step to someone feeling valued by God.  I think we can all agree that is a BIG thing!

I’ll be adding resources regularly, I just wanted to get this framework out there for us to begin using.  Feel free to send me any helpful tools you use so we can share them.

Here is my contact information if you ever need me.


706-401-7559 (feel free to text me)


I appreciate you all more than you know!


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One thought on “A new place to connect and communicate

  1. Robin

    Thank you David.

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